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The New Trend For Smartphone in 2014

May over, which that means companies are on the point of announce the Smartphone they will be pushing the following year. 2014, what's means that it will clearly going to become a big year for Smartphone, or a minimum of a year for big Smartphone. Traditionally only the brave or the foolish attempt to predict the future, but fortunately daring and Foolish are S21's middle titles. In any case, the future has revealed itself to the astute onlooker. The post-Galaxy S4, post-Moto X, post-iPhone 5S within the Smartphone market is about to end up being ended, and we will soon be greeted with a fresh crop of excellent Smartphone. With this guide, we will recommend five Smartphone that is expected to be the new pattern in 2014.
The New Trend For Smartphone in 2014
Some new features for Smartphone in 2014

1. Apple
Apple has always made it to the top with every single Smartphone coming up with the best specifications along with a cool design. The special touch of art as well as technology in Apple Phone 6 can make it big in the upcoming 2014 mobile phones. Apple has already started preparing for what the very best analysts call the Best Apple 2014 smart phone. With the Smartphone war going on for many years, iPhone 6 will try to present itself like a different, if not only bigger telephone. It has made it to the very best of new Smartphone 2014 list, because of the great popularity it has currently achieved among Smartphone enthusiasts.

2. Sony
The magic have been gone from Sony for so lengthy, we were surprised when we noticed the positively brilliant Sony Xperia Z and it is 2013 follow-ups, the Z1 and Unces Ultra. Sony in 2014 will be regarding borrowing engineers from its various sections sound, display, entertainment and imaging to create the best phones possible, leveraging upon its expertise in multiple areas. We saw that using the excellent Sony Xperia Z1 that had engineers from multiple Sony teams focusing on various components, expect big things from Sony within 2014.

3. LG

LG is a quiet achiever for Smartphone, plugging away behind the scenes to create some truly excellent models. It was no secret that LG made a phone adequate to be turned into Google, newest Nexus device the Nexus 4 and when you believe the hype, it is about to try it again with the Nexus 5.

4. BlackBerry
Beleaguered handset maker BlackBerry might end up being down, but it is certainly not really out. Not yet anyway. 2013 saw the organization renew its commitment to a come-back using the BlackBerry Z30: the largest touchscreen phone within the history of the company. BlackBerry has informed us that it had been not about to go anywhere with regards to innovation.

5. Samsung
Samsung is coming big with Galaxy S5 within the year 2014. The 2014 Samsung Galaxy Smartphone dubbed as Galaxy SV has all of the features it takes to give a difficult fight to Apple iPhone. Fingerprint as well as infrared sensors, dual shoot camera, along with a highly enhanced looks will give its competitors a run for his or her money. However, fans can expect an attractive device with brilliant specifications this period.

So, out of these cool searching Smartphone of 2014, which one is the favorite? With the new upcoming mobile phones of 2014, the top 5 mobile phones, based on their popularity, success from the predecessors and the analyzed features, that will bring more wonderful experience for purchasers.
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